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I created dsbfitness because I love learning about the human condition. How you live your life and how you communicate with people on all levels can be based on your own values, self worth and common courtesy.

Being introverted myself I have learnt it’s ok not to be the loudest person in the room or the person who does not tell the most jokes or a even little nervous in a crowded room. It’s all about discovering yourself and finding your own way to navigate through life. The more you look at yourself first the better you will be able to open to change and learn from mistakes. These are the same behaviors you need to loose weight, become fitter and achieve your own goals.

In the real world your integrity will be challenged. You may come across people who are judgmental, opinionated, negative, patronizing, condescending, love to gossip and do anything to cover themselves because they are petrified in making mistakes. Also they will do what it takes to trash you if you hinder their chances of promotion. These people are the managers of the future but they are not leaders.

Don’t worry what other people do, just focus on your own actions. Be the one who is nice to everyone, be the one who says hello first. You will continue to learn no matter were you are in your life.

Some people loose sleep over trivial things. If your not saving peoples lives or making life and death decisions then it’s not worth stressing about. Life starts at home don’t be defined by your job, define yourself on the way you treat your family. Be the best Father, Mother, Brother and Sister. Success is deeper then position and power. You can win awards in being the best Manager or star employee but if your personal life is not in order then what does that say about yourself.

At work its competition you learn manipulation, favouritism, dictation, delegation everything, which can ruin a relationship at home. People don’t want to retire because they haven’t invested enough time during their life to build a family life. Look at the past, look at the future but spend more time with now.

DaL 4

I studied fitness; Nutrition so I can obtain knowledge that I can pass down to my family so they can lead healthy lives. Few of the courses I have studied are: -

  • Organization & Behavior
  • Child Nutrition.
  • Level 2 Fitness & Nutrition
  • Level 3 Diploma Personal Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Behavior Change

This site provides free information because I have passion in helping people in a positive way. If you need to contact me or ask me any questions please inbox me at my twitter account.

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