Does i’m a celebrity have a plan to cancel Nigel Farage ?

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Love him or hate him one thing you cannot deny is Nigel Farage speaks his mind. Currently political parties on both Labour and Conservative are lacking some common sense but with Nigel he lead with his head. Is Nigel Farage misunderstood? By being part of the I’m a celebrity get me out of here we are starting to identity where people are getting their information.

Politicians have now become very spineless in decision-making and money has been wasted on temporary fixes. Money has been thrown to French borders for them to do their job. The Rwanda scheme is another way of avoiding the root cause of the problem. Stop the boats no longer mean stop the boats.

These are issues that affect everyone maybe not so much with champagne rich socialists. Instead of tackling the border issues it still looked as a controversial subject. There is growing silent majority who are being ignored and people like Nigel Farage are their voice.

So far Nigel has been attacked for his political stance on the reality show, which is no surprise as controlling migration, is issue that celebrities find hard to talk truthful about as it continues to be linked with racism rather than over population and economic issues. Legacy media and reality shows are platform to push that false narrative.

The recent confrontation from the You Tuber Nella Rose exposed where the younger generation getting information. The Internet is the go to place to get their truth but worrying thing there is, no attempt to research, question and see other argument.

The legacy media will never report on refuges that flown from Syria, Ukraine who has been affected by illegal immigration. They feel immigrants who come from France are jumping the que and using up the resources. What happens in the coming days in I’m celebrity get me out of here will be interesting. How Nigel Farage is projected when he comes out will be the most interesting.

Already journalist is digging out personal stories about his new girlfriend painting a picture of a man betraying his wife. This is the part I’m not comfortable with that there seems to be a hidden agenda to tarnish his image. In my opinion schools should be teaching over population and controlling borders. This is issue that crosses over in geography and economics.

Every politician in history has been a globalist. The country could be in recession but the answer is always to increase taxes but give billions to wars, climate change and aid because of the country track record of showing compassion.

When you show any nuances or go against the status qua by protecting your own country and putting your own country first you will be looked as a threat. Having an England fist agenda will make you a target with continue pursuit from legacy media to cancel you.

Rishi Sunak pledge to reduce NHS waiting lists will not do anything when nearly every hospital in the UK is under performing. The hospitals are under performing because of lack of safety and endless mafia mentality by consultants. Politicians are failing us but with the new wave of politicians like Nigel Farage and Vivek Ramaswamy they are putting both parties to account.

The question is, will Nigel Farage become the king of the jungle or will it be a character assignation attempt?

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