I’m not a racist, i have a black friend

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What prevents a person from being racist perhaps education, tolerance and open mindedness. When people say, “I’m not a racist I have a black friend” does that give a person an out of jail card. Direct racism is easy to identify as it’s an attack on person physically or mentality because of the color of there skin.


BLM 2020 Riots

2020 has put the spotlight on institutional Racism by the movement Black Lives Matter. For over three months BLM coverage has overtook all the media coverage on covid 19 pandemic. The world was in shock when news came out that police officer held his knee on a black male while being arrested.  Shortly not long after this lead to his death. This sparked mass protests all over the world. Antifa joined Black Live Matter and historical statues were torn down that were linked to slavery to erase the past. Protesters became full of rage Random Business were burnt down so message of racism could be heard. The celebrity elite, mass media news and including cable TV channels soon followed on the side of the protesters.  A series of similar incidents followed in America that fitted the narrative of racist police officers. Soon with the power of the Internet protests were spread all over the world. Public were forced to participate to prove they were not racist by taking the knee and raising the fist. People came forward shared their stories of any racist encounters they experienced in life. Each time the Black Lives Matter slogan was used as platform so voices could be heard through protests and all major cable and satellite TV including Netflix.

Then the divisions started within the black community. After full video footage was shown on the arrest from Police camera it exposed that the victim who was a criminal was resisting arrest. Debates followed on whether it was more Police brutality then racism. There been debates that the president at the time Trump was not showing enough empathy towards George Floyd’s death however the police officer was arrested due to negligence act.

BLM Marxist Ideology

After this point the protests became out of control. When Black Lives Matter ideology was exposed for hijacking Racism to feed there own agenda of defunding the police, destroying nuclear family and ignoring black on black crime in deprived areas, many people towards the right believe the BLM network is recruited by keeping the black person angry and finding divisions instead of unity. For many this did not help racism it only made it worse. It also made the racists escalate there racism further. It created divisions within the divisions. The black people who were against BLM were branded as Uncle Tom. The term white privilege is reverse racism as its forcing white person to apologize or take a knee to prove they are not racist and advantage they have had over the black person, which is racist in itself. Then there’s the white person who feel they are fighting racism by supporting BLM which many believe it only slowing down progression as it making them look as the white savior and Black is less then them.  For many decades major charity organizations use celebrity or TV personalities to broadcast hunger in Africa. Some people get involved for genuine interest to make positive change and some people do it for their image. Then there’s the white female who’s over whelmed with emotion holding a black baby. It can create criticism even though the intensions are good.

Also for decades Black TV Shows from the early 90’s like Desmonds, The Real McCoy , were never re-aired on TV.  For it to be shown now is not sincere it’s all about hash tag trending. These shows should been taken out of Television storage years a go.

New York became one the first American states to enforce BLM ideology. Many politicians feel like endorsing movements like Black Lives Movements is the easiest option to prove they are not racist. The irony is the media decided to suppress the voices of black people who opposed BLM. There counter argument is we need to put more focus on deprived black areas. Their needs to be more community police to prevent black people dying through on black on black crime that is rooted through drugs and gangs. Also the importance of strong role- models within families is key factor.

The Governor and Mayor of New York took the support of the BLM to another level. Decisions were made to empty prisons and put criminals back on the street to prevent surge of coronavirus cases in prisons. In result shootings were increased from 177% to 277%. New reports also confirmed the Mayor put the blame on the incompetence of the police then defund them by 1 billion from there budget. The mayor also declared New York is safer by doing so. All of this just made a mockery of racism and law and order.

Workplace Bullying

The political and media view of racism is overshadowing internalized racism, which targets everyone despite their class system. Workplace is the environments were you are surrounded by closet racists. The one who come out with ignorant remarks to alienate you and single you out but then feel they can prove they are not racists by the statement  “I’m not a racist I have a black friend”. The day-to-day Racism people experience at work can be traumatic because you feel you’re in a safe environment. The laws are put in place including Equal Opportunity to protect you.

However you don’t really know what your work colleague’s stance is towards racism because if they say any racist slurs it can lead to dismissal, but this does not prevent people experiencing prejudice, ignorance and even bullying. A closet racist work colleague may try to hide under his or her mask but you just need to look for the signs. A person has to try harder to be accepted as their friend. They are quick enough to judge you if you don’t defend yourself. You have to constantly justify yourself so your not judged and stereotyped. It can be tiring to the point were it’s easier to fuck them off and to find a work colleague not so ignorant. In a social environment minority may feel alienated as they consistently reminded what there color is by patronizing remarks but then forced to laugh at there ignorant remarks otherwise you will be looked as not trying to fit in.

How many times you seen a rowdy opionated clown at work who is totally full of themselves and feels he or she can poke fun out of someone and ridicule them just because they class it as a joke. People laugh out of embarrassment a hope that no one takes it seriously. In the UK they call it banter and some may call it bullying if it goes too far. This type of behavior usually goes under the radar because the clowns defend any offensive remark and refuse to apologize because everything is banter or just a joke.  This is how Racism is currently is active in workplaces. The offender will also act as the victim to gain sympathy if accused and will deny any wrongdoing. People who speak up get singled out and looked as playing the Race card or not being strong enough to fit in with office culture.

According to Stephen Ashe, 2019, page 3 from the University Of Manchester findings over 40% who reported a racist incident said they were ignored or they have been looked as a troublemaker for bringing such things up. They want to shut you out so eventually you will give in and hand in your resignation and the problem for the Manager is gone.

I do not agree with term White privilege and its been totally misused by the mainstream media. I first heard this term in 2020 during the BLM riots. Terms like this do nothing to help racism. However we cannot ignore that workplace racism is under the radar by the mass media. When all senior management is predominantly white then management and Human Resources create allies when dealing with racism issues towards non-white workers. When it comes down to racism, bullying and harassment it’s normal not to get full 1 to 1 confidentiality with Human Resources and this needs to change. Human Resources department for many companies favors the Manager so if the is not on the same page as the victim or if the Manager is the problem then you have no chance.

Managers Ignoring Bullying

Allot of times companies do not want to deal with racism or bullying issues and prefer the problem will just go away.  Managers would rather focus getting power back in the situation instead of investigating, interviewing or disciplining the guilty party.  There are many reasons why bullying and racism incidents are not been taken seriously and allot times it’s because the bully has a clique with the Manager. The Manager will deny anything or reluctant to take it further because the employee reminds them of their brother or sister.  At times the white manager will have more in common with the bully then the victim.  They will have similar background and similar prejudices. The victim ends up being the outcast or the person they cannot relate with.  This is when the Manager tries to justify the bully’s action.

Another way how the victim tries to be silenced is through the performance review. This when they try to turn the tables and try to find faults with you and if you fail to improve in certain criteria then it can lead to written warning and disciplinary.

Another tactic manager use for any racist or bullying issues to go away is to be passive.  The Manager befriends the bully and becomes overfriendly with her or him just so it will frustrate the victim more and make you want to hand in your resignation.  They will wait and wait until you either caught off guard or make a mistake then create a character assassination if you choose to take the grievance further. These are real stories and it’s happening with people all over the world.


Racism is more then a hashtag trend

Racism is not a trend or popular now it was always there it’s just when big corporations followed it in 2020 it’s not organic and when they follow Black Lives Matter the Marxist organization it show how ignorant people are. First of all you can’t force a person to take the knee and secondly the racist will gladly do it because that’s all they have to do for them to be excused of being a racist. Soccer grounds have recently in November changed from Stand up to racism to Black lives matter, which questioned their poor lack of judgment.

I also cringe every time I hear a non black female say how much they fancy a black male like there piece of meat then use derogatory remarks calling them a “Pineapple head” or a “caramel baby”. We cannot determine a person not being a racist by having a black friend or finding another race attractive. It starts with our own attitude.

Comedy has shifted over the decades to satire, Sarcasm that in essence is be littering people. The type of sense of humor has made its way in the workplace by the name of banter. According to Siobhan Palmer, 2020, page 1 from people management. The term banter has been widely used in pubs and the Oxford Dictionary has it as “the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks”. This has now has been staple of workplace interactions.  Due to this it has been relied on as defense at employment tribunal. It allows staff members to offend but with protection of not meaning to offend for sake of a laugh.

This is why things need to change. Think about how the victim feels each day coming home after work and Manager continues to turn a blind eye.  You have freedom of speech but not a freedom to offend. Things can only change as long as we continue to bring awareness of workplace bullying and racism. Also companies need to start making it clear in their policy what is considered crossing the line with banter. The more we talk about this subject the more likely workplace bullying and racism will be finally targeted. It’s also important to single out staff members when ever they make statements that they consider banter which in fact is harassment. Respond to them by saying “I don’t find it that funny”.

I also believe celebrities are always to fare to the left and use politics as way to boost there career rather then speaking the truth that’s why celebrities should stay away from politics. Celebrities will never talk about Modern slavery, illegal immigration, drug gangs, crime rates or workplace racism they are out of touch from reality. If news media and celebrities stop being so bias then positive change can happen.






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