Matthew McConaughey On Coronavirus Divisions: “This Is Not About Politics it’s About Us”

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There has always been divisions in the world but Coronavirus became a pandemic allot of people including myself felt this will be what unify us in the world.  We all agree that everyone is at risk of this virus if we are not following the social distance, regular hand wash and face masks. Therefore we are acting responsible by protecting ourselves when we are out by not infecting others and not putting ourselves at risk.

At the time this seemed straightforward just follow the guidelines, which the whole world had to follow. When the world went to lockdown and death cases increased the conspiracy theorists came out and media including politics lost focus.

Coronavirus Divisions Emerged

Few weeks before the signs of divide emerged Matthew MCconaughey waved the flag of unity and encouraged people to stay united to keep this virus under control. Soon after partisan politics emerged branding people who are against the lockdown as Republicans and the people willing to follow guidelines as Democrats. Matthew spoken to Fox News and quite rightly felt the need to remind people by giving an inspiring message to stay united for our purpose and beat this virus. He also told Fox News

This is not about politics it’s about us.


I am just a fitness blogger not a influencer I cant reach the masses but I believe if we have positive and strong stance from celebrities like Matthew MCconaughey all over the world we will definitely be able to keep this virus under control.

News channels are generating polls based on economy and using that data to determine the demographic. This data is measuring a political divide in the expense of the coronavirus. This data is not helpful because it’s creating a diversion by not putting our full attention on beating this virus.

The UK also became divided over the Coronavirus. The media again focus on the demographic and labeled the Black & Asian race as more likely to die from Covid-19. There were also complaints from the public that the lockdown was eased from the beginning. There were no Airport checks 8 weeks into the lockdown. Facemasks were not encouraged to be worn. Recently protests all over UK branded this virus as fake and yet putting more lives in danger.

For days the only media coverage has been reported on Politician Dominic Cummings who has been forced by journalists to resign over ignoring the lockdown rules. The politician had covid-19 symptoms and decided to travel over 250 miles to drop his child at his parent home to prevent his kids from catching the virus. He did have the option to self isolate but there were no one to take care of his child as his wife also had the symptoms. Regardless of his circumstances the press have continued to ignore all other coverage of the news and pursue him.

The hypocrisy is that there were 100 journalists outside his home ignoring social distance with no face masks. For over a week this scandal has dominated the news which means other important news regarding the virus has not been reported. opposing political parties are now pushing for an investigation when the full focus and energy should be dealing with this pandemic. Also not forgetting in May 2020 UK has the highest death cases worldwide compared to its population. The Prime Minister has  made it clear he will not resign over the matter so the media and politicians need to move on. Dominic Cummings was a strong Brexiter and sources are saying people who making a fuss about this are Anti- Brexit retainers.

In order to beat this virus everyone needs to take responsibility from public, media and politicians.

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