Was Michael Jackson cancelled on Stranger Things?

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Before Stranger Things the first thing that came to my mind when I think of the 80’s was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It wasn’t until I started watching Stranger Thing’s season 4 that I realized I don’t recall any reference to Michael Jackson. Is it me just thinking this? or was Michael Jackson cancelled on Stranger Things?
How can you miss the moonwalk, sequined glove, beat it, Billie Jean or even the Thriller Music Video that is closer to the Stranger Things theme then any other song in the 80’s. How was this possible? was it deliberate?

I’m sure after the success of Stranger Things season 1 Michael Jackson’s estate would have jumped at the chance to get Michael Jackson included as part of the franchise. I’m a big fan of Stranger Things and I was also a 11-year-old in 1986 so for me it’s normal for me to be more over critical compared to a person who wasn’t born through the 80’s. Stranger Things season 3 did manage to include the epic 80’s movie Back to the future which is a movie that had many references to Michael Jackson.

Me in 1984 typical 80’s hairstyle

Although TV are happy to churn out programs each year that Focus on Michael Jackson eccentricities and rumours rather then his music am I right to think this is political. After the award-winning documentary Leaving Neverland that had many new revelations but very little evidence or facts to back it up is the absence of Michael Jackson in Stranger Things because of after effects of the documentary.

The haters have been moaning for years when will Michael Jackson be cancelled? is this proof it is happening. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of Stranger Things but is cancel culture the new way to erase the past. If Michael Jackson is cancelled does this mean The Jackson’s have to be cancelled as well ?. The 1981 hit (Can you feel it) was huge in the 80’s. Let me know your thoughts. There is breaking news that Stranger Things will be filming season 5 which will be the season finale. Let’s see if they manage to slip few Michael Jackson references do redeem themselves. If they do, I’ll be in a state of shock.

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