Joker Wins Academy Awards Oscar 2020

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And the winner is Joker. Joker wins an Oscar for 2020. Joker should win a Oscar and that’s no joke. I was in love with this movie as soon as I saw the Joker trailer April 3rd. I’m not a fan of DC Comics or Marvel. To me the superhero franchise is too predictable and over budgeted were special effects dominate the movie instead of the of the plot or acting dominating it more.

Joker is different because the storyline humanize the character. Although the film is based in 1981 the things it touched on is more relevant in 2019 from corruption in politics, ignorance, child abuse, unfair dismissal, loneliness, social care system, mental illness. The film opens your eyes and makes you feel mixture of emotions from hate, shock and even empathy. There are always two sides to every story and when you see the full picture you become educated and positive change begins. Trying to get the Joker banned will only make people remain ignorant.

Movies are escapism and after two hours you’re back to normal life. This film is an education. One week after its release it continue to break records and amaze the critics. This film was made for Joaquin Phoenix because it takes a talented Actor to pull this off. I think Joaquin Phoenix should get a star on walk of fame for this performance alone. The film is a masterpiece and you witness acting to the highest level.


If this film does not win a Oscar in both Cinematography and best leading Actor then Oscars should not be taken seriously.JOKER

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