Birmingham Harborne Bournville Solihull Halesowen Fat loss Home Training

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Birmingham Harborne Bournville Solihull Halesowen Fat loss Home Training coming for January 2018.

My fat loss Journey

I am the founder of dsbfitness, In 2012 i started this site to give fitness related information based on having background knowledge.

Fitness, Nutrition and wellbeing has always been a big part of my life. Ironically as a child I never excelled in sports. I never took an interest with the quality of macronutrients I was eating. I enjoyed food for just its taste and social gathering. In my late teens I saw the early effects of bad nutrition when I suffered from skin and weight gain issues. My self-esteem then dropped and in result I became more self-conscious in the way I looked. What I discovered through the years is once I took control of my health and became more disciplined it made me feel better which also kept my skin issues under control. After advice through my General practitioner and Dermatologist I learnt that I needed to mature my nutritional choices with my age. So it all started for me when I was 24 years old and year after year since then I have made small adjustments to my diet. As 41 year old now in 2017 looking back I’m glad I made those choices because things now are allot more achievable for me. Those small and slow changes have made it more permanent.

Fat loss Home Training for Harborne , Bournville, Solihull and Halesowen

Fat loss is an area that interested me more then bodybuilding or sports specific coaching, why because my friends and family had fat gain issues. The root of healthy fat loss is identifying current nutritional habits and adjusting it to meet the physical demands. However fat loss is never that simple so I started educating myself for the attention of passing some of my knowledge to my family.

It was important for me to get formal qualifications from recognized national governing body not to intentionally start a business but to have peace of mind that the knowledge and information I have acquired has credibility. After years of blogging about health and fitness I finally decided to make use of my qualifications so I can help more people with related fat loss issues. So my personal training journey has now started. One thing is really important to me is that I’ll continue to study, learn and develop in this field. I understand the importance of upgrading my knowledge.

Although i’m new in the personal training world one thing i have always had is a keen interest, drive and passion to succeed in the fat loss industry. My intension for now is to keep dsb Personal Training as a small business by selecting a few clients a week which will help focus better on time management with both client and many other responsibilities i have.  My new venture in Personal Training will commence in January 2018 and the first 2 clients who get selected will get either a 6 week or 3 month fat loss package for free. My website is now live so please enquire now.







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