EDT Escalating Density Training

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EDT Escalating Density Training has so many benefits in that at some point it should be incorporated in your workout. For some EDT may not be new as allot of boot camps or fitness DVD’s use the method as it is a key player in sculpturing overall body shape.

Unless we are fitness professional’s, instagram models, sports or body builder competitor its difficult to maintain a hypertrophy workout consistently all through out the year. Adaption, progression and periodization help to prevent burnout by varying intensity gradually in a monthly block.

Another way is to step back from weights all together by incorporating a pure bodyweight workout. This method is essential on vacation when there is little or no equipment around and also if you’re looking for quick, effective workout. Another key difference compared to standard workouts is that EDT Escalating Density Training method is based on time instead of reps, which means your working towards failure. Working with time helps by benefiting you on your endurance, hypertrophy and strength conditioning.

The downside is that it can elevate muscle soreness. The exercise is done by doing two bodyweight exercises back to back with two or three minutes on each exercise. The workout should last up to fifteen – twenty minutes without rest. It is a great method to use if you also use it to supplement your current hypertrophy workout. It benefits me by using to overcome muscle imbalances or even undeveloped areas. It worked for me when I was slowly getting back to my training program as it is can also be challenging for people in intermediate level.






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