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People Sometimes think a Parent and Exercise are two completely different things that have are hard to complement. However when your parent there are key areas were exercise can be developed which does not have to make you feel you need to introduce another new thing in your life.

In the last six months I have achieved two big milestones, one of which is turning 40 and the other is having my first child. Has my life changed? of course but you have to learn how to manage your time more effectively. You need to build on your organizational skills by structuring and prioritizing on tasks throughout the day. One thing that should be consistent is your positive approach to exercise.

Children are very active at an early age. When entering parenthood the needs of our children come first. However exercise or recreational games should be shared and not treated as something separate. You can treat having children as a barrier in pursuing exercise or as opportunity to teach t hem to have fun.

Common barriers parents face with are: –

  • Lack of sleep
  • Priorities change
  • Need support
  • Busy schedule

Overcoming parental barriers

  • Get away for 30 – 45 minutes to workout
  • Balance the day by doing mental and physical activities with your child.
  • Be a positive role model by getting children involved in exercise.

When becoming a parent make the most some of the physical activity you will need to do including lifting child in different positions. Sometimes you can use these movements for you own advantage to get full body workout. You can lift baby by doing overhead press, which targets shoulders and chest. You can hold baby with arms extended so it targets your shoulders and then put that movement into a squat. Then there’s oblique twist with arms extended. You will be carrying and lifting throughout the day so by doing minimum of 3 sets of 10 minutes of these body movements will not only put smile on your child’s face but will also put smile in your cardiovascular and muscular system.

When children beyond 2 years old then garden games such as running and sports can start. So make being a parent and exercise work for you fit for your lifestyle.




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