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Any exercise you do whether it’s jumping up and down non stop or jogging in an even pace will burn calories. However the question that always pops up for each client or exercise enthusiasts is which exercise is the (Best exercise for weight loss ?). Then after that the ultimate question is weights or cardio for weight loss?. In order to tackle this question first we need to look at the main energy systems used.

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Jogging or marathon runners use the aerobic as the energy system which means it’s lower intensity so the body is present with oxygen for longer duration. The only downside is that in order to burn a great deal of calories you need to do this for up to 3 hours. Doing endurance for fat loss can be counterproductive as it increases fat stores as well as cortisol levels. This intensity is geared towards more for the elderly or muscle recovery as there’s less stress on the joints and strengthens the heart.

Another method of training is the high intensity interval training which uses the anaerobic and lactate system. This means you do not deplete your entire glycogen levels all at once as it improves the ability to withstand lactic acid by short breaks. It combines low intensity and high intensity which results to continually burning calories. This method of training is very effective in fat loss due to the higher calories is burnt in less time compared to longer duration aerobic system. Boot camps, Crossfit, Meta fit and Insanity use the high intensity interval system.

Finally there is weight training. We have established Interval training is effective form of cardio training for fat loss, but were does weight training fit in this. And finally the (Best exercise for weight loss?). The truth of the matter it depends on your goals and body composition. If you’re a messomorph and your main goal is to just loose weight then interval training is fine. However if you have a ectomorph or endomorph body shape and want to change your body composition, then you need to come interval training with weights into your program. The weight training program you take should not be hypertrophy which aim is to stimulate muscle growth. It should be based on a lower percentage of your 1 rep max and should include full body work outs.

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