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It’s important to know how do muscles work when you execute an exercise. The reason why is because it will help you in muscle growth by ensuring that you target the right muscles. It is also important in aiding muscle recovery and injury.

So just how do muscles work?

When you lift a weight the role of muscles are broken down into four categories:- Agonist, antagonist, synergist and fixators. When you lift a weight concentrically and eccentrically it involves either the agonist or antagonist part of the muscle. In other words a bicep curl being lifted concentrically requires elbow flexion with the agonist being used. In addition a bicep curl being lowered eccentrically requires elbow extension with the antagonist being used.


No matter whether an exercise is an isolation or compound movement other muscles apart from concentric and eccentric come into play.

Another role involved in lifting is synergist which targets the forearm in a bicep curl. The synergist assists or modifies moves from the prime mover. Synergist works isometric ally in movement.  Finally in a bicep curl there is the fixator which uses the shoulder joint and chest. Its main purpose is to stabilise the body to prevent any unnecessary movement.

It’s important to know the roles of muscles when you execute an exercise. Next time you lift a weight look beyond the concentric and eccentric part of the movement by thinking what other muscles are involved.

For more detailed information on just how do muscles work then you should check out Wikipedia this page is a great resource.

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