Body plane Movements

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body plane movements


To be an all round athlete the body plane movements are essential. The universally accepted method of describing human movement is in the three dimensions based on a system of planes and axes. Normal day to day movements tend to use one plane more then the other. However incorporating sports into your lifestyle or even dance will combine mixture different planes.

Plane movements are overlooked because nowadays there is more emphasis on gaining muscle or loosing weight but less attention on the overall body movements to achieve the result. Therefore you can still achieve hypertrophy or atrophy without the need to combine all three planes. Due to this people become unaware of the benefits and uneducated on how to apply in a program. The key benefits of combining planes are conditioning the body to prevent it to be more prone from injury. It improves your overall physical condition and improves the signals to the central nervous system. For example for a dancer the Michael Jackson moonwalk and spin uses two different planes. For martial artist the Bruce Lee one inch punch, roundhouse kick and side kick uses all three planes. In boxing the jab uses the sagittal plane and hook uses the transverse plane

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