Caffeine Overdose

 In Exercise

People are in more risk of Caffeine overdose more then ever !. We no longer live in a 9-5, mon- fri lifestyle. Multinational companies and technology has introduced a 24/7 now culture which has added better customer service with more choice at anytime.

It has also introduced more stress by working longer hours as well as unsociable hours to deal with market trends. Due to this the need for caffeine is more popular now then ever.


Caffeine acts on the central nervous system, increasing alertness and concentration. Due to its affects it is widely used in sports drinks, pre workout drinks as well as night shift workers. When consumed before exercise your muscles will be able to use fatty acids as fuel which conserves valuable glycogen. This means you will be able to exercise longer without feeling tired. To make the most of it’s benefits coffee should be consumed with out milk or low fat milk because milk slows down caffeine absorption.

Although caffeine in coffee is widely published due to it’s benefits the side effects is overlooked by the media as well as the body building world. If it had the same attention as obesity then in my opinion there would be more people monitoring the amount caffeine they consume each day. There are two general ways to monitor caffeine. The first is to identify the maximum Millie grams the government allows and base that all around all the drinks that contain caffeine. The second is to then base it around your body weight in conjunction with the maximum daily figure.

It works out roughly 3mg per kg of bodyweight therefore 150 pound person will consume 200 mg. You will be pleased to know you need not to worry about the caffeine in cola or green tea or just tea because you need to consume 9 cups to exceed the daily intake. However it only takes 4 cups of instant coffee or energy drinks to go over maximum amount which is 400mg. Constant high volume consumption of caffeine can lead to heart problems and blood pressure. Although side effects of too much caffeine can vary by person to person it’s best for all people to practice to consume within the safety range.

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