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We have heard of the term a healthy mind a healthy body. The diagnosis that proves this theory is emotional eating. Things that can trigger emotional eating are depression, dealing with stress and influences. According to on average we watch 4-5 hours of TV a day, which accounts to 20% of your day. TV can affect mood good and bad. I’m not going to get into detail on reason why in this article I’ll save that for next time. There’s allot more negative content on TV nowadays and allot of this is for shock value tactics. In the UK from having 4 channels from 1980’s to 50 plus channels in 1990 has resulted in having same negative news spread over more and more channels. I don’t need to explain how this can make an effect on person’s emotion or even motivation. If now you mix that with internet and social media it now starts to become worrying in regards to a persons well being.


TV should be treated same as a diet. Watching junk TV will not promote positive change. Cut your calories on your TV watching and watch good quality content. I’m not implying you should discard news reports, thrillers or TV dramas completely but it should not be viewed excessively.


News reports play the same negative news over 4 times a day. When we start the day with news it can alter your mood and start your day wrong. So limit watching junk TV and convert yourself to good wholesome family viewing like The Cosby Show or Highway to Heaven. Things that can lift your spirits and inspire.




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