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work related stress

We are inundated with news of obesity and poor nutrition being the killer of the 21st century but stress gets failed to be mentioned. The biggest problem is that may be society accepts stress or even over stress as normal part of life. The same way as how large portion size foods contributes to obesity. According to the Health and safety executive (HSE) up to half a million people in the UK reported work related stress to the level that it was making them ill. We spend nearly 50% of each day at work. Work related stress could make overall impact to ones well being. Since the 2008 recession people have felt the strain at work and with no clear vision of economy fully recovery it has made businesses make adjustments that favor long term strategic decisions rather then employees job satisfaction.

However some stresses due to poor policies and management have always existed in some organizations. The following are some of the flaws in organizations.

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In part 2 I will address each of the areas on how organizations should be practicing these correctly at the workplace and comparing it to how things are really done. If you have any concerns on the above in regards to your organization then refer to your company handbook, Human Resource Department, Employment Law,  ACAS, HSE,  IOSH, CIPD, Trade Union and your senior management.




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