Top 5 Main Mistakes Managers Make

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5 mistakes managers make

In todays competitive corporate world managers have a need to excel in sales, customer service, profit, budget and expansion. However this means that the softer skills are overlooked. Please read to find out the top 5 main mistakes managers make in current organisations.

1.Not taking interests with employees

Managers need to take a genuine interest with each employee. This will make them feel valued. In the same time managers do not need to know about staff’s personal lives unless it effects business but it helps to know were they have been on holiday.


2. Not getting involved in Human Resource Issues.

Moving staff to other teams or giving responsibility back to the staff does not resolve conflicts in teams or manage people. When staffs prefer to take a back seat in these areas it will only create bigger issues. Managers may feel they giving staff the power to resolve issues and chance for them to show more autonomy but some things require a manager’s attention. If you feel you are not getting that support then human resource may be the best option to turn to.

3. Managers not being sensitive to Diversity issues

Managers should be aware of any situations that can trigger prejudice or racism. Its also important that managers are sensitive to any political controversial issues that offend, stereotype a person by there race, religion or gender. Allot of time banter or humor is best way for management to break the ice with staff and to get them to open up but any issue that can offend someone weather humor or not should not be tolerated. It is the manager’s moral duty to follow diversity in the workplace.

4. Staff not been given chance to voice there opinions

Any problems or ideas can only be addressed when there is a chance for all staff to be in a meeting. Further more (AOB) any other business in every meeting should be used freely. For some staff directly below managers are dictating to staff on what they can or cannot say in meetings. Managers look at any problem as a negative and would prefer to focus on sales or profit instead of managing people, health and safety, training and Diversity. The more staff are silenced the more they will find other ways to get there voices heard.

5. Managers not showing commitment or responsibility

Staffs are continually been pressured to go that extra mile or work overtime with little incentives. However the need to be flexible to deal with business needs  is not always shared with management and expected more from operational staff rather then senior management. Managers need to be a bit more hands on and show more commitment and responsibility. Teamwork and mutual respect can only exist if the same support is coming from management as well.



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