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Dealing with diversity at the workplace is a very important part of employment Law. Employing only staff from graduation age and with some key skills means that as an employer diversity is not fully practiced. Neglecting older staff who have industrial experience can cause many issues. Diversity can effect recruitment and selection, enhanced equality for opportunity as well as broadening staff skill ranges. Managers who look at staff as blocks of people instead of their individual attribution are not managing Diversity effectively.

Recruitment and selection

Job descriptions and person specifications are created to match the right candidate based on the skills and experience they have. However there are obstacles that  management can poses which present itself as prejudice and discrimination without the candidates awareness.

The Halo or Horns effect is making a strong impression at start of an interview by appearance or confidence, which is either positive or negative. This response will penetrate through by the recruiter. The recruiter will then look for similar responses to reconfirm his or her initial judgment. Other traps like snap decisions, stereotyping, contrast effect and even bias by hiring people like yourself. Equal opportunities, Age discrimination, Equality and Diversity Act is used to ensure recruitment policies as well as employment practices are with in the law. These laws will help to ensure person specifications are not prejudice or bias in anyway. The biggest issue is whether management or recruiter will practice diversity at the selection process. If you feel  you were not threaten fairly in the selection process because you ticked all the right boxes in regards to physical makeup, intelligence, attainments then it will be worth while to ask for feedback.


Workplace Diversity

Practicing diversity in the workplace is about accepting, understanding and valuing the difference of each employee. The difference could be gender, race, mental ability, religion or even experience. Employees may need to take time off for religious festivals. It is also important for managers to ensure they identify strengths of each employee and use their skill to excel in other areas. Negative attitudes and behaviors in the workplace including prejudice, stereotyping, threats and discrimination should never be used by management when terminating, recruiting or retaining staff or else this can lead to a costly prosecution.

Other way to manage diversity is through business meetings. Each staff member should have chance to speak about any barriers, changes or anything that affects them at work. Having this type of a meeting will encourage dialogue and chance to implement any information, policies, and programs to move forward. Staff should never be denied to form any feedback or constructive criticism, as this is essential to learn from mistakes and create success in business. For more information to ensure your employer follows Diversity please visit the following websites below.

Equal Opportunities

Age Discrimination

Equality & Diversity Act.

Third age Employment Network.

Equality Act 2010

Comply with basic employment Law






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