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Recognition and appraisal is the backbone of lifting staff morale and to improve all areas of the business. This may be hard for your senior manager to believe but not all staff is motivated through financial incentives. In the same time if the financial rewards are not there or not achievable then what has staff got left to boost there morale?.

When financial rewards are already set in place through commit ion OTE were do we go from here to achieve employee satisfaction as well as lifting morale. Don’t get me wrong commit ion pay is great way of boosting an employees wage packet but this is something you are expected to achieve in order to reach companies set targets. Therefore working in a commit ion based pay means you have no say in the matter because its something you have to achieve whether it fulfills your personal goals or not. The biggest failure in management is not looking at the importance of recognition and appraisal. Communication, job enlargement, flexibility, overtime and increase workload has meant the way employees get any recognition for there efforts is not clear.


According to Bob Nelson, PHD founder of Nelson Motivation inc some of the most important things to employees are:

Personal Praise

This is an area that is not clear in many organizations. Management continue to get this wrong because its not something learnt through management development. Praising an employee can literally only take few seconds. Manager being sensitive to an employees needs means that that they are a people person first and take morality seriously. Congratulating staff is done in most cases in text book style in a form of quarterly meetings and acknowledgments are done if they feel it is exceptional to mention. The best way is to think outside the box and thank staff when it happens by voicemail, email or face to face.

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Increased Autonomy

Another form of recognition is giving the privilege of autonomy. Autonomy makes a person feel valued by allowing them to make decisions independently. This is important because employees don’t always chase a pay rise especially when there is pay freezes or cost cuts. What is left for staff is to boost staff moral is having the trust by there line manager for them to find alternative ways to carry out tasks without continuous authorization.

Time with manager

Everything in todays organizations is all fast paced. There’s fierce competition everybody is multi tasking for many high volume low cost business models. With all of this what many employees get frustrated is not having valued and dedicated time with management on a regular basis. Lack of time with management means any problems cannot be addressed and business cannot function without effective by all departments. Channels of communications needs to be open for employee motivation otherwise they would feel devalued.


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