10 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

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10 signs its time to leave your job but each one of these signs is good enough reason to leave.

People have there own reasons for leaving an employer. In most cases if a staff member has inspirations to progress the main thing that will push them to come out of there comfort zone is if they no longer find there job rewarding and have no recognition from there seniors. Job security is no longer a valuable reason to remain in a job. If a person is ambitious and feels there full potential is not being recognized then its natural to look beyond your current employer. In the same time not many will find a job that ticks all the boxes so as a potential employee it does require compromises. It’s also important to mention if leaving a job is due to range of issues then you cannot expect these issues to disappear in a similar company. A clear Job description is key when finding the right job but the companies sector and level of opportunities will also give you a better sign. This article will focus on the 10 signs its time to leave your job.


If you don’t have any real compassion of the product you offer to a customer and will never be buyer yourself then your job is not serving any purpose. You will not have first hand experience that will enable you to engage dynamically or be loyal to the brand.


The biggest frustration is no acknowledgments and praising only selected few staff. If managers treat their staff as friends then its more likely they will warm to certain staff more then others. If you work in sales environment sometimes top seller will get special treatment as manager have there own targets to reach. Best advise is to stay away from sales job and check the job description clearly explains what is expected from you.


If your sales targets are increasing without any justifications and sales is taken more seriously then customer service issues then get out. Companies with strong sales requirements over customer service will lead to corruption.

Security and Support

If your job involves dealing with constant aggressive customer face – face with managers guidance to practice 0 tolerance by telling them to leave or phone the police when things get tough which only provokes situation then it time to look for company has better approach to customer service. You are not a security guard so empathy and going that extra mile goes a long way. Even if the customer is wrong you should give the customer a opportunity to have a second chance to explain themself and then your chance to diffuse the situation. Provoking and escalating customers aggressive behavior will just put you in risk of being filmed and unnecessary court case or even disciplinary which managers will not back you up for.


Open communication is essential for training and development. Communication also establishes innovation, change and contribution. Most companies have appraisals and employee surveys once a year, which enables you to communicate performance and job satisfaction. The main source of feedback is one to one meetings or branch meetings. If these meetings are not done monthly or quarterly and just based on sales then your working for a company that does not value feedback. When your get harassing text messages and emails on your day off from your manager who rather be autocratic then you know why feedback does not exist.

Equal Pay     

If you have served many years at a company and realized by recruitment site on-line that pay for the same role and branch is better for new staff compared to your current salary then this needs to challenged. If you have challenged this to human resources and response you get is that pay can vary from different branches and your pay is under the discretion of your line manager then look for another job. This indicates company does not value loyal staff or the importance of equal pay. The disregard to equal pay means even if you get a promotion your most likely would get paid the least amount or given a trainee manager status to not get paid extra at all.

Lack of benefits

One of the biggest ways a company can show how they value there staff is the perks and benefits. If you work for a car rental company and the customer gets a better discount then you then you know were you stand with your company. One of the popular benefits in company is company car, hotel discounts, pension, private health cover, free parking, Sociable Hours,  better work life balance.

No progression

You have proved you have extensive experience and skills but this has not been harnessed. Been given false promises of promotion or even training. Unless your happy with your current role then its time to move on as your development will be stagnated.


If your job requires you to be flexible then this will either be communicated in the job description or interview with preview of the Rota. If the company expects you to be flexible but not communicate clearly how then in most cases company will give you a shift different to other staff members. Staff members can easily be taken advantage of if there’s no official shift Rota system.


Corruption can usually be present in company that bases its business on sales and commission. If agents have sales targets then most likely managers and area managers will also have targets. When managers work on the front line its to prove staff they have the expertise to do there job. When managers reach front line targets its known as leading by the front rather then insecurity issue. In the real world, results can fluctuate month to month due to season or type of clientele. If you see mis-selling and raise it to the manager and see no action do you really want to work for a company that thinks money over ethics? These companies will use point of performance to push you to sell and then blackmail you by disciplinary warning if you do not reach targets, which will trigger force selling. Sales jobs are never for life. Sales is a profit on top of the companies revenue so if they push this over mis-selling, equal pay or even promotion you know were the companies priority lies.


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