Keeping Up With The Joneses

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Are you keeping up with joneses or keeping up with yourself?. What excites a person nowadays is the size of a person’s house, amount followers a person gets, certain job role to be validated and a new house with a mortgage to prove your independence.

We are forced not to live life under our own terms but through endless competitions just to prove our self worth by IQ tests and climbing the career ladder. Not in content with the 80k salary so appear on Apprentice to be on 500,00k a year.

You agree with everyone who has the power to give the promotion you want. You become super rich and now want to be in the top 5 Forbes list. Your famous but consider being controversial to remain in the public eye and relevant. You’re a rock star but try soul music to attract more fans, which in turn will increase you earning power. When will it end? it wont.

According to Emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, Page 34 , 1995.

“People with high IQ ‘s can be stunningly poor pilots of their private lives”.

How many times have you come across a power driven manager that is either divorced or has no intension in having kids? It’s everyone personal choice to do what they want in there personal life. However in my opinion managers who understand the importance of work life balance are happier. They have better life skills that make them show empathy, willingness to understand and compromise.

It’s important to have career goals and ambitions but having successful marriage and close net family should also be part of a goal. Society, peer pressure and culture is to blame having to live a life through completion to prove your self worth. However strong family values, morals and religion does keep grounded. When you apply balance in your life then your not just thinking about yourself.

When your chasing a dream and achieve it you will be on to the next one. Everyone is better off then someone else but we are taught to look at our superiors. I always looked at the 20’s as the selfish years because for everyone this is a time when you are building your life. Life is not that difficult. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the joneses but you should also be keeping up with your family. Know what you want, know how to get it but never compromises your family life over your dreams because dreams are temporary but family’s for life.

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