Kylie Is Not A Billionaire Forbes Confirm, Is This News?

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What is the world coming to? The media needs to sort out there priorities. The world has just started easing off there lockdown from a pandemic. The UK news coverage have focused on politician that violated the lockdown rules for 2 weeks missing out broadcasting other coronavirus related news. America are going through race attack from a Police Officer on a black man in Minnesota which leaded to world wide riots, looting and protests on Police brutality. All of this while we were in a pandemic.


Does the Billionaire club have any relevance in the world right now especially when so many companies had to close down due to restrictions in lockdown? There is a continue fascination with celebrity wealth which is promoted through reality shows, instagram accounts. I understand the celebrity of the current generation no longer just want to be successful in their profession they want to be entrepreneurs.


However the Billionaire lists what is the point? Who cares? If you have 100 million then that is more then anyone needs. There is now secretaries of huge celebrities want to be worth 500 million. You are forced to no longer be content in what you have. Kylie Jenner is still the winner here; the media have just lost touch with reality. It’s just a massive error of judgment on there part trying to dictate what they feel is important.


Kylie Jenner response was “I can name list of 100 things more important right now then fixating on how much money I have. This is literally the LAST thing I’m worried about right now”.


The customised 500k car, customised Yacht, Gold watch, gold plated phone case and Billionaire list is just to boost a person’s ego then you knock them down if there worth slightly less. This hurts Forbes more then Kylie Jenner. Kylie is a mother, entrepreneur and a celebrity all of which she juggles well. She continues to be hungry and achieve more when she is only 22 years old. If I had 1 million in the bank I would retire and just spend more time with my children so lets leave it here.


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