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For me being 80’s child I looked at meditation back then as folk or something for the hippies. Maybe the reason why people meditate back then is for the same reasons now just things have manifested to larger proportions and the people who may of overlooked it in the past are practicing it now. In simple terms meditation is easy to practice by everyone. Its finding that downtime by going to that quite place, controlling your breathing and then thinking positive thoughts which will help to clear your mind and gives the ability to pick yourself up. The reason why disputes, confrontation, conflicts and stress occurs is when a person does not take a step back access and analyse.

In my opinion there are certain personality that are natural meditators such as thinkers tend to reflect and observe so decisions are more calculated. Sometimes when decisions are made instantly without no real risk analysis or by not prioritizing on work load can increase unnecessary stress. Meditation allows you to train your thoughts to become more efficient and productive.

The first main step is to get acquainted to meditation is to build complete concentration. It is important to have ability to work on your awareness. Every successful person in any profession learns the ability to block out distractions so they can completely be immersed in their work. Buddhists and spiritual practitioners all use this practice to develop complete concentration. Allot of people have absorbed this sense when listening to music, drawing or mentality preparing yourself for competitive sport.

Life can be a struggle some people compare there lives to a idealized image on how life should be. We visualize on what is perfect and we will never feel comfort until we have achieved what we have set out to do. When we have this mentality we are setting ourselves to a mental breakdown. Instead we should be celebrating every milestone we achieve no matter how big or small. We should also realize having a contingency plan or in other words a plan b will help to deal with any obstacles that arise.

On top of fitting some sort of exercise regime in your weekly plan and being disciplined on your nutrition its equally important to practice some sort of meditation to control your chi and balance ying and yang. Encouraging some space for downtown will benefit the body, mind and wellbeing for the long-term basis. How to can you start meditation? The following ways you can take up meditation.

  • Visit wellbeing center a take up Yoga.
  • Buddhists centres offer meditation classes.
  • Visit many qualified practitioners on the web including free







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