Saying No To Snack Offers

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Saying no to snack offers

Saying no to snack offers is easier said then done. You may of have tried the very new fitness gadget, experimented on all fad diets from shakes, soups, high protein, low carb, fasting and even Mediterranean diet.

However there are obstacles not just in the gym or kitchen but also at work. I have talked about missing breaks at work so please read my article on this first. Everything could be going right for you from hiring a personal trainer and seeing short terms goals achieved. It’s important to understand that your greatest struggle will be at work or at parties when your personal trainer is not around. How you approach nutrition in a working and social environment will either make or break you. This is were you are challenged by your self control and tested on how you are in regards to peer pressure and temptation.

It’s important to remember saying no to snack offers involves saying no to yourself and people offering you the snacks. It takes a strong person to stand your ground and do what’s right for you. The same applies in life choices as we don’t want to be influenced by non-believers.

Why do people fail at this according to the book, End of emotional eating, Jennifer L Taitz, 2012 it comes down to how you control your emotions. We might feel under pressure by saying no as what we eat depend on who you eat with, were you eat, how stressed you feel and not wanting to offend you friends by rejecting them so its easy to follow them.

There’s no one way of dealing with these obstacles but I have 3 main tips that may make it easier for any social situation that can effect nutritional goals.

Tip 1

Be honest with your personal trainer. The trainer is there to support you and by telling them any plateaus or struggles they can then find strategies to deal with the situation.

Tip 2

Avoid being in the situation in the first place. Don’t go to company meals or take a way’s after work. If you have no choice then give your work colleagues some hints of places you will prefer to go that serve healthy food.

Tip 3

If you find it hard saying no to snack offers then tell a white lie. Tell them you had that the other day and it gave you stomach aches. Put the pressure back on them and make them feel guilty. They then give up and less likely in being persistent in asking you.






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