Missing Breaks At Work

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Missing breaks is starting to become common and can cause havoc to your health. For allot of people struggling with poor nutrition, missing breakfast and understanding the importance of breakfast is only half of the struggle. Maintaining and practicing a well balanced diet during work is often overlooked. People loose control and feel limited in the choices they have when at work. The limitation maybe having allot of convenience food outlet surrounding work premises. The second limitation may be staff catering may serve more fried and baked foods leaving you challenging your temptations.

Skipping meals is also a big issue when trying to deal with eating hobbits. Missing breaks at work is usually contributed by business demands and then feeling pressured to work over to meet pressing milestones within the timescale. People who in a calorie restrictive diet may look at it as a blessing in disguise by believing it will conquer there calorie controlled diet by missing a meal altogether. Furthermore missing breaks can have a knock on effect on stress, which is a by-product of starvation response. Starvation response will further stimulate appetite for bad choices in foods. The body craves for quick high-energy foods like trans fats, which requires less energy to break down to thermal effect. Overcoming starvation from missing breaks at work and indulging in trans fat is short-term fix for you and the body. The body gets a quick burst of energy and body able to digest the food allot faster. Theirs quick fix is not helping your health for the long term.

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Then there’s eating on the go, which is widely practiced by senior management. Although eating on the go may impress Directors they are not there to encourage you on your health and wellbeing. Eating consistently in the go can result in gastrointestinal discomfort.

This leaves me to only one option and that is to have break at work and eat your lunch. It’s important to take control of your diet and as an employee it’s your right to ensure you have that break. Missing breaks can decrease productivity. According to the Telegraph 6th Jan 2015 by Lauren Davidson it says two thirds of employees are not always able to stop work to eat lunch for 20 minutes. The work time regulations are designed to define how many breaks employees are entitled to. Missing breaks at work is not the answer. Remember if your considering to be in a company for long term then its important that you are consistently choosing take your health first.

Please also see Telegraph and Acas for further information on this topic.





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