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“I want to be a dentist” or nowadays its ‘i want to be a youtube star.’

The typical question you get asked about your job is “Do you enjoy your job”. Sometimes with a lack of employment opportunities and without understanding a person’s personal’s motivation you cannot answer this question with a closed answer. In the 90’s and decades before for the most part if you wanted a highly paid job you must be educated and academic. Highly paid jobs do not automatically give you job satisfaction. This happens when you have a ambition and fulfilling your ambition. Some people are not motivated by money so working with communities, charity work and artistic work can give allot of self-fulfillment and self worth.

Since the development of Internet social media with YouTube, Facebook it has helped marketers, educators as well as everyday people to directly speak to there target audience and create a loyal community. The more the medium grows the more the creators realized its massive potential of being the core medium for marketing and people engagement.


YouTube star

Once YouTube became monetized then things started to change. For the established YouTube’s the hobble became a well-paid job. The categories that created a wider audience are make up, fashion, comedy pranks, games and fitness. You tubers who get 2,000,000 views get paid equivalent to average yearly pay for just 1 video. However the average YouTube star posts 28 videos per month, which works out to just under a million pounds each month. Top YouTube stars are expected to be paid £10,000,000 million each year, which puts them along side top sports athletes. With this popularity it does demand you tubers to be continually innovative and present fresh material to the audience to maintain or grow their community. The word “Click bait” is part of the cyber language in 2014. Click bait is when you tubers use same methods high profiled companies use to generate successful marketing strategies. The end result is to find new methods to entice the audience in to visit.

Also with the ever changing graphics design software and HD cameras it has meant novice you tubers are able to create professional looking videos that can rival commercial companies.

The future of YouTube stars

So what happens to the YouTube stars in the future well I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be running the country? They have strong leadership and a deep understanding of there community as well knowing how to draw people together. The downside is they will have celebrity status, which means invasion of privacy. Gossip magazines will use them to sell magazines whether it’s good or bad. Then there’s the fanatical fans and with YouTube stars now part of Madame tussauds it’s recognizing there power and popularity.

It may mean you tubers may have to make videos for the rest of there lives but reducing the amount to give themselves some space when having a family and when they are financially secure. On the other hand they may feel pressure to make videos month after month to stay relevant and pressure to live an open book life. Fame and money will increase even further in the future with other big sites along with Facebook monetizing the live function, which supplements YouTube stars fortune further. The 10 million a year YouTube star yearly salary will easily be increased to 20 million with next years from now putting YouTube stars pay along side A list Hollywood stars.









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