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According to Kids food Health 2001, knowing how much a child will eat may vary from child to child. One day your child might eat more breakfast and less dinner than he or she had the previous day, but in average it is the same amount of total energy. Therefore if a child is very hungry for dinner it means  he has eaten enough throughout the earlier part of the day. It doesn’t mean they have eaten the right amount different nutrients – that depends on what food you offer .

The recommendations for healthy food suggests:-

• 3-6 servings of fruits and vegetables, including no more than 200 ml of fruit juice (the juice can be diluted with water).

• 3-5 slices of bread or small serves of breakfast cereal.

• The equivalent of 500ml of full cream milk, which can include yoghurt, cheese.

• 2 small serves of meat, chicken, fish, egg whites or legumes, such as baked beans, lentils, chickpeas.

Two or three foods from the above food groups should be offered at each meal or snack. Children have small stomachs and can’t eat enough at one meal to last more than two or three hours, so they need to be offered food every two to three hours. Any chocolates, soda or sweets should not be easily accessible without the parents permission otherwise they may be less hungry at meal times. It is also important to practise good healthy eating habits at an early age.



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