Medium Rare Burgers

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Eating medium rare Burgers will put you in a high risk of food poisoning but how do you get this information out to the public ?

With all the overwhelming information out there in regards eat clean from government bodies, TV shows, nutritionist and personal trainers burgers are still the most popular form of food when eating out. Instead of eating at fast food chains or ordering take away more and more people are choosing to eat burgers in restaurants. People love burgers as everybody knows what they are getting and it’s a quick source of protein apart from protein powders. It’s also popular in the bodybuilding world to aid muscle growth by inserting whey protein into them. With the awareness of health implication when choosing to eat standard burgers people are choosing to eat more at restaurants. People are starting to believe that burgers served in restaurants will be cooked in higher quality compared to burger chains and with better quality meat.

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One worry is that there is a new trend for consumers to request medium rare burgers. The motivation to this comes down to taste and texture. Consumers are compromising on there health for taste yet again. People do not realize is that if the meat is pink and uncooked it is prone to food poisoning, which in turn can put you in risk of E. coli and salmonella infection. Food standard agencies are trying to ensure all medium rare burgers are served with warning sign. When chiefs are asked to serve medium rare burgers they are crossing a fine line on what is within cooking regulations.


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