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Processed meat sucks !, if we say this enough times in our head will this prevent us from eating it. We definitely not are getting enough encouragement from the government or media. The Mc Donald’s adverts will not go away from children’s TV even though the government said they will get involved.

The fact of the matter is whether your in the city, hotel or airport chances are your not faraway from a burger king, Mc Donald’s or a local burger chain. Although the convenience of having burger which is affordable, great taste, local, provides fast service and has the protein you require is tempting it makes sense why the nutritional value can easily be ignored or even overlooked. Targeting children by giving free toys away with burgers makes it tougher challenge for parents to teach the importance of balanced meal together with good source of fibre as well as vitamins and minerals.

The problem is people are not reminded enough about the downside of having processed meat. January 2013 a new uproar in the UK scandal is that the beef contained in lasagne in fact contained horse meat. False food labelling is nothing new but it’s the first time it has caused huge media attention. In result some people are now afraid to buy processed meat because they are not sure what it contains. This may be a blessing in disguise because it is starting to open people eyes in processed food in general. Sometimes scandals like this is required to help people re-evaluate how they approach and prepare food.

What is processed food? In basic terms food processing is any technique that alters the natural state of food. This includes cooking, freezing, drying etc. The main reason why food processing is so popular is because it improves the texture and flavour of the food. It also lengthens the shelf life, which in result will decrease the chances of getting food poisoning.

The cycle of processed meat start soon after it has been slaughtered. It’s plucked in pieces then taken to the food processor factory or super market. It travels in ice to slow the bacterial decomposition before it gets to the factory. It will either be boiled or canned for soup, tinned fish etc.

However when you buy fresh you perform similar rituals in your own kitchen. The biggest worry of buying processed meat and food is that the consumer has no idea how fare it is from its natural state. The obvious problems with processed food are:-

1) During the processing nutrients like vitamins can easily be lost.

2) Additives can be used to enhance the taste which increases insulin and in result adds fat to your waist line.

3) Salt tends to be high which causes water retention and heart dieses.

4) According to 2005 University of Hawaii study shows that sodium nitrite predominantly found in processed red meat increases the risk of cancer if eaten regularly.

5) Processed meat tends to be high in saturated fats which can cause obesity, high cholesterol and heart dieses.

The conclusion is all forms of processed food needs to be reduced in everyone’s diet. This also needs to be practised at home. For more information please visit the following related articles. (What are processed foods ?)



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