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weights or cardio for fat loss



Weights or cardio for fat loss ? There is always been a big debate on whether lifting weights or traditional cardio is more efficient in fat loss. Other issues that have been linked to this is that lifting weights will not promote fat loss, as it is more for muscle growth rather the cardiovascular or respiratory system. Although there is some truth in this in reality any activity that is able to have high enough intensity to use 60-90 % of your rate will put you in the fat loss zone. What people get confused is with their overall goal. Do they want to just reduce there body fat percentage or do they also want to reshape their body?

If you focus purely on cardio then the end result will be reduction in fat. However if you combine weight training into your program especially interval, circuits and boot camp style then you will not only loose fat but you will reshape your body composition. You will also increase your metabolic rate longer when increasing or maintaining lean muscle mass.

Therefore the question weights or cardio for fat loss is based on your goals.




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