Why I’m not losing weight ?

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why im not loosing weight

We all have come across a person in college or work where their main topic of conversation is creating assumptions on why they are not losing weight. It is a question you will hear everywhere “why I’m not losing weight ?”. They insist that they are working hard in the gym and making adjustments on eating healthy food.  The problem is the steps they are taking to get results. They may have problems in accepting the truth and if they fail it’s everything apart from them.

The first step is listen to the professionals and people who have been there and achieved. The next step is to put that information into action. The problem is how we deal with plateaus. If we become discouraged then we will look for excuses or other people’s failure to validate our failure.

I agree there are so much endless fad diets and weight loss shakes that are after your money. However if you have been in the same work out regime and diet for more than 8 months and just managed to loose 12 pounds then this should be used as a wake up call for you to realise that you need to try something different. Many people achieve results through trial and error. Others continue to struggle with their weight for years because of their mental state.

A lot of the times how a person deals with stress and worry will affect a person moving forward towards there long term goal. The most efficient way to achieve any goal is through the behavioural change model.


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All the stages help to change behaviour in order to achieve your long term goal. The stages are: – Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and relapse.

Pre-contemplation stage is where a person is in denial with their current health and do not see enough reasons to do it. This is also a stage were advice from personal trainers and fitness instructors are ignored because they are not ready to make any real changes. The problem is some people may become over ambitious and go straight to the action stage with out addressing goals and barriers. This results in hitting a plateau   and returning back to the pre-contemplation stage.

In a nutshell the key benefit for loosing weight is addressing the behavioural change and by following the correct sequence. The reason “why I’m not losing weight ?” is more than the diet and exercise but it’s also addressing the stages in the behavioural model.


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