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Metabolism refers to the transformation of food burnt to produce energy to maintain itself. There are many factors that dictate the speed of your metabolism. The six main factors are genes, activity level, age, medical condition and overall health. The three macro nutrients carbs, protein and fat requires energy to chew, bite, swallow and to move down the digestive tract. A high fat diet requires the lowest thermic effect of 3 percent to digest as energy. Protein is the highest by 30 percent. Carbohydrates i.e fruits and vegetables fall in the middle. Therefore a person eating in a low protein diet will have food digesting faster, this includes cakes, chocolates, ice cream, sweets etc.

Metabolism boosting foods is all based on your balance on macro nutrients. If a person eats a low protein diet fails to put any weight on it’s because they posses more then one of the six factors that involves the speed of there metabolism. High in fibre foods are very popular because it challenges the metabolic rate by moving slowly through your system and stabilize blood sugar levels which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Metabolic Boost

After the age of 30, metabolism begins to decline by the rate of 3-5 percent every year. To keep it moving you need to do the following

– Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.

– Never skip breakfast as this jumpstarts your metabolism throughout the day.

– Decrease calorie loading before bed.

– Nuts, protein, coffee, fibre, chilled water, green tea, spices can improve    metabolic rate.

– All forms of exercise can improve your metabolic rate.

In a nutshell if you want your digesting system to work more efficiently then exercise and eat high in fibre foods. Shocking your metabolism by eating junk food will do nothing if your already eating junk food. If your already eating healthy then eating junk food once and while will just temporary mess up your metabolic rate, it’s not rocket science so lets not read into too much.

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