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how much fat

How much fat do wee need ?. When it comes to fat there is always so much misconceptions on whether it needs to be included in our diet and how much as well as what fats we need. In a balanced diet, fat calorie percentage needs to be slightly more then protein. The calories per gram of fat have something to do with that. Taking all of this account how much fat do we need ? well please read on.

A healthy body needs fat. It uses it to make tissue and manufactures biochemical.

Visible fat provides the following:-

Provides a source of stored energy.

Gives shape to your body.

Cushions the skin Acts as an insulation blanket that reduces heat loss.

The hidden fat provides the following:-

Hold cells together

Protects the nerves

Brain tissue

Shock absorber that protects your organs if you fall or are injured.

Fat is digested more slowly than proteins and carbohydrates which is why you feel more fuller after we eat it. Too much fat can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancers. Having too little will result in effecting immune system, children do not grow. According to National Academies Institute of Medicine say that no more than 20-45 % of daily calories should come from fat. On a 2,000 calorie diet that is 600-900 calories.

Oils are virtually 100 percent fat. Butter and lard are close behind. After this the percentage drops to 70. As a rule diet high in grains and plants are always is lower in fat then a diet in meat and oils. The key is to base your fat diet around monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.






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