Mango Lassi High Protein Smoothie

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Mango Lassi high protein smoothie that can consumed at any time of the day. Here are the facts why you should include it as part of your diet.

Lassi is originated from northern India. It is Punjab’s traditional drink. It also has many health benefits and can be enjoyed with any meal throughput the day. Traditional food has its place in diets. In the same time in my onion traditional and formalities can lead to a restricted diet. We should be eating for its nutritional values rather then its traditional values. Lassi is something you would want to include due to its health benefits.

Practicing Sikhs in Punjab are vegetarians. Majority of male occupation is agriculture and manual work. Obtaining a strong body is fueled with non-meat and complimentary protein. Certain parts of northern India fresh fish or meat can be difficult to find. So for strength or hypertrophy based enthusiasts you need to find other ways to consume all the essential amino acids your body requires to prevent atrophy. Therefore lassi especially mango lassi is a great substitute. It’s taste beautiful, low in fat and has good source of protein as well as carbs.

mango lassi

Mango lassie 

– Mango (Half)
– Plain yogurt 3-4 tablespoons
– Half glass of water
– ½   Teaspoon turmeric


Mix in the blender for 2 minutes. Also can sprinkle some chopped pistachio with some ice cubes.



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