Chocolate Shake for Breakfast

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Include chocolate shake for Breakfast it can add variety and do wonders for weight loss.


Are you having the same thing for breakfast everyday? The best way to prevent boredom in your meals or even prevent risk of skipping meals is to add variety and focus on quick and easy meals. Supplements are the best to achieve this. The type of supplement that you drink will depend on the time of day as well as your glycogen levels. For the morning it’s all about good carbs and good protein. My second favorite supplement is chocolate for breakfast. Smoothies are great option as well but they can spike up your sugar levels and it then can drop dramatically graving for more food sooner.


Chocolate shake should only include dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. What you also putting in these shakes are slow digesting carbs that will keep you fuller for longer. Here are the ingredients: –



Dark Chocolate (2 blocks)
Almond milk (1 glass)
3 egg whites.
Royal oats (1 scoop)
Or even cinnamon. (Half teaspoon)

chocolate shake for breakfast 2




Now doesn’t this make your mouth water.




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