Spinach Shake For Breakfast

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Spinach Shake for breakfast is great for everyone. Spinach shake is the staple of my breakfast meal. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why because it helps to keep your energy levels up for the first few hours of the day.

From all the meals through out the day why is breakfast more likely to be missed then any other meal? Well time management. Stress levels in the morning may have something to do with that. The main reason is that we misunderstand what breakfast is. Some of us think breakfast requires preparation, time and variety. This is not the case because the body has been starved of food for over 7 hours due to sleep the main thing is nutrients and energy. Therefore good source of carbs will be good enough.

Nowadays shakes are very popular for a busy lifestyle. There’s endless amount of shakes out there in the market from protein shakes, smoothie, slim fast shakes, low calorie shakes, Cambridge shakes and soup based shakes.

My personal favorite is the spinach shake. It has a good source of carbs and protein. The following shake included potassium, which is essential macro mineral, which improves brain function as well as muscle growth. Here are the ingredients: –

3 egg whites
Glass of milk.

Mix it in a blender for 25 seconds and then it should look like this.

Spinach shake for breakfast





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