Paleo the caveman diet

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caveman diet Paleo the caveman diet what is this all about?   To allot of people eating organically is easier way to confirm what you’re eating is free from preservatives, sweeteners or anything which helps to enhance the taste without its natural state. However with this in mind a diet was formed called paleolithic aka caveman diet.


The main purpose of this diet is the use of principles adopted over 10,000 years in eating. Food was either grown or hunted. Eating Paleo in today’s society is the first step in limiting processed food out from your diet. This will help to alter your buying behaviour and resort to making meals in traditional fashion.   We all know eating natural organic food is healthy but when you give it a name it becomes a product that may serve a different purpose.

Ectomorph body type who struggle to put on weight may not be suited to this as many of the carbohydrates come from vegetables and fruit which are lower in calories compared to grains which excluded from this diet.   All in all paleo the caveman diet is great but organic food should be eaten with no restriction from other crops. Food has evolved over the years and through international trade food that once was only available in another country can be eaten anywhere. Also dairy is essential for bone health which again is excluded from this diet. The emphasis should be to just eat more organically then to follow a diet that is too restrictive.

What’s your take on the paleo diet?


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