The Power of Nuts for Snacks

 In Nutrition, Weight loss & Fat loss

Many people underestimate the power of nuts for snacks. If you are on any weight loss program or just want to upgrade you diet to another level.  Mixed nuts are the way forward. In general variety of nuts is great source in protein, fibre and good quality fats.

power of nuts

It helps by the following:-

• High in fibre means that you will beat you hunger pains by feeling satisfied quickly with out the need to exceed your calorie intake.

• Helps you to stay within your Basal metabolic rate.

• It’s quick, convenient and easy to eat which can prevent you choosing something which has less nutritional value.

• Cheap to buy and have longer life on shelf.

• It will give your body a steady flow of energy for longer period compared to saturated fats and foods that are high in sugar.

• It is great way to reduce cholesterol.

• Omega 3 fatty acids decrease risk of cancer and cardiovascular dieses.

• Fibre helps to control your blood sugar levels.

• Fat-soluble Vitamin E promotes healthy skin, tissue repair and reduce chance of a heart attack.

And that is The Power of Nuts for Snacks !



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