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Allot of people fall short of achieving there goals because they over powered by negative influence around them or they simply do not plan. Planning and achieving goals work hand in hand. Planning is important  because your arranging the sequence of achieving your goals together with time you you wish to achieve it. Planning and achieving goals doesn’t come more evident then Christmas time. Time to think about Goals in 2014 you wish to achieve. This is the time of the year to reflect on the last 11 months of our achievements. Think about whether you have achieved the goals you set out for 2013 and then think about goals for 2014. If you have achieved 80% of your goals then do not be disappointed. As long as you have achieved up to 80% you can carry the 20% on to the next year along with new goals.

Having time to reflect and take in your achievements will give your personal satisfaction and energy to take it to the next level. Use the Christmas holidays to create goals for the following year and to think the order you want to achieve them. This might be determined by your business plan, time constraints or level of importance.


Dsb fitness has a busy year a head. It will be taking steps to create a personal training business. This will include design of personal training gear, price strategy, client area, and description of services I will be offering to clients. In addition to this a Personal Training you tube channel. After this plenty of marketing in magazines, directories, newspapers and the internet for brand awareness.

So stay with us allot of surprises to come. Let’s together succeed and beat our personal best. Wishing you all the best and hoping you achieve all your Goals in 2014.



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