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Workout song playlist is a staple of a person’s exercise regime.

workout playlist

Music I listened to 20 years ago is the same music I workout today. There’s allot of things out there, which is used to motivate us in the gym. The most common one is a Personal Trainer. The most recent way of getting motivated in the gym is gadgets including apps and calorie counting wristbands such as Nike fuel band. However there is one that has been around before all of these and that is music. Even legends like Bruce Lee put music on when training. We all know how music can motivate, inspire, enhance your mood, bring fun and put you in the zone while training. The Rocky montage wouldn’t be so inspiring without the music.

Choosing the right song may depend on the type of your workout your doing and you react to it. The beats per second or tempo needs to match whatever exercise your doing. For example the Rocky anthem will fit for cardio or strength training but will not be ideal for cooling down exercises.

Here’s my top 5 workout song playlist.

  • Brandon Lee The Crow (Golgotha Tenement Blues)
  • Ip man (Theme music)
  • Nirvana (Smells like teen spirit)
  • Limp Bizkit (Take a look around)
  • Rage against the machine (Wake up)
  • In general movie soundtracks are always the best option.






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