Matthew McConaughey Promotes Unity For Cronovirus Lockdown

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The world needs more People like Matthew McCconaughey in the midst of the Coronavirus. I’m tired of the divisions before the Pandemic. The world became more divided as ever with UK relationship with the EU. The US citizens are judged by being a Trump or Anti- Trump supporter. Protests and activists are widespread with Climate change, Brexit, Veganism, Ageism, Trade deals, Immigration, Border control.

The Pandemic Forced People to Unite

When the pandemic spread all over the world it forced people to look out for each other. The youth and the millennials were branded as not caring for the older generation due to ignorance and lack of understanding grandparent’s life experience. February Scientists discovered the people in 50 plus age range is more likely to be effected by coronavirus. This forced gap between young and old. It also forced people to put there difference a side.

Matthew McCconaughey shared a message of hope in regards to the lockdown. In the video courtesy of Good Morning America Matthew said

This virus, this time, might be the one time that brings us all together and unifies us, like we have not been for a long time.


You are going to get the doubters, sceptics, and the people who want to believe in conspiracies. It’s important the people are aware we all have a role to play to keep the virus under control. It does not matter on your age, gender, race, financial status, background or even geographical location. Matthew has been promoting unity for covid-19 lockdown also clear guidelines in following the protective gear including face masks which has been widely been used in south east Asia and Germany were at present the death cases are kept under control. Many people believe countries that enforcing people to wear facemasks is a key factor in keeping the virus and R-value low.

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