Are Celebrities Doing Enough To Help With Coronavirus?

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Is the government doing enough to reduce the cases of covid-19? Are celebrities doing enough to help with Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 lockdown has pushed people to re-evaluate their goals and prioritise things in there life.

It has not been since World War 2 everyone around the world has been pressured to get back to basics and think safety, family, home first. It’s also a time when the world is forced to unite and work together to fight this virus. This is a rare time for everyone, as we might not get the world to come together like this again fighting for the same cause. The major criticism from TV presenters is that celebrities are not doing enough to help with COVID-19. Multi millionaire stars are quick enough to use the furlough scheme and Unicef to maintain their wealth and image.

The public’s criticism is the lockdown is not being taken seriously. The youth continue to go on spring breaks. Families are going on countryside breaks when they should be practicing the stay home, stay safe guideline. The focus in the media has been towards PPE and clapping for the NHS rather then screening people at airports from outset or even closing airlines from the most effected counties and borders.

It did not take long for people to find divisions with virus. News reports identified that older generations were most effected this then changed to the male gender and finally it has been reported Black & Asian people are most affected. Also there were more debates on lifting the lockdown instead of acknowledging the total death cases have gone from 6thhighest in UK to reaching near to 2ndhighest worldwide early May in a matter of 3 weeks with 29,000 cases. I’m sure by still having debates of using face masks in 6thweek of lockdown maybe linked to rise of death cases. Government instead looks at this as a achievement believes the peak has been reached. Politicians have been seen breaking the covid-19 rules. If politicians can not be honest , trustowrthy and enforce real hard lockdown rules to keep the public safe in a time when the world has come to a stop then can they ever be trusted ?

The rich and famous have not come across too well either. It’s made people look at celebrities in a different way. Actors, Singers and realty stars are looked as VIP. These are the people who get the red carpet taken out in front of them and the ones who can influence change by there large fan base. For a short time COVID-19 has turned the celebrity status on its head. The essential workers are the health workers. We now understand who are the important workers that keep this country running. Some celebrities may still use there status during lockdown to remind people they are different to the general public at time when we are looked as equal. I champion Actors and celebrities and singers that use there followers to encourage the importance of following the COVID-19 guideline as well as giving words of motivation as it can cause stress on mental health.

The 2012 film Contagion Starring Matt Damon has climbed up the Netflix charts due to its accurate prediction of the a virus that was created from China and became a pandemic. The actors created videos on YouTube courtesy Warner Bros  to educate people and to make people aware of safety measures and hygiene required preventing this being spread to another person.


On the other hand you get celebrities who are use to being in the limelight on daily basis. For them its important they keep in the public eye so late night talk shows are operating from there home. The writers are not working due to lockdown so presenters are missing the laughs and structure of great show. Concerts have been rescheduled instead singers are left bored showing there new hair color on Instagram while on lockdown or there endless amounts of wardrobe.

In my opinion there is some celebrities who are puppets they briefed by there managers what to say, how to say and how keep themselves relevant and marketable to maintain there brand. You don’t make change by waving a flag, lighting a candle or even clapping for health workers. This is diverting the attention from the government that China requires investigation why they waited 4 weeks until they told the world of the deadly virus.  Singapore, China, Hong Kong have contained the virus in result they have had no further cases. They have said it’s compulsory to wear masks. Week 6 in lockdown in the UK we are still having debates on whether masks are important then declared making everyone wear masks will mean not enough will be available for the NHS. This mentality is putting public at risk of contracting coronavirus.

It takes a pandemic like this for a person’s true character to get exposed. The breaking news on sky news on may 4this that the love island has been cancelled. Lets see what else happens once the lockdown is eased and then lifted.


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