Benefits Of Lifting Weights

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benifits of lifting weights



Benefits of lifting weights includes physical and mental benefits. No matter what you goal is the following are reasons why everyone should participate towards some strength or hypertrophy program.

■ First of all lifting weights keeps you bones healthy. After the age of 35 women loose 1 percent of their bone mass each year. Men are in risk of having brittle bones. It prevents being hunched over the years and slows down or even reverse the rate of bone loss. It strengthens the bones.

■ Strengthens the core. Over the years one of the first places to weaken is the back. Having an office based job can increase it more. By being more active in the gym it can improve your posture and prevent you from having kyphotic or lordosis back.

■ Key part of controlling your weight. When you loose weight through dieting and cardio you also loose muscle along with fat. When you loose muscle your metabolism slows down which can result in regaining the weight. If you incorporate weight training in your plan it will maintain or increase your muscle which is essential part of keeping your bones healthy. It will boost your metabolism and it’s a essential part of weight control.

■ Increases your strength which is essential in any practical activity be it at home or work.

■ Boost your energy makes more enthusiastic and counter productive in your daily life.

■ Improves heart health. Cardio has been a big part of battling high blood pressure and heart disease but research shows that weights can also have these benefits. Weight training lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke, lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

■ It reduces stress, depression. Makes you feel more positive about yourself and increases confidence.

Whether your goal is to just keep your heart healthy, loose weight or build muscle mass, pick a dumbbell beacuse the rewards are endless.

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