Muscle Weighs More then Fat

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muscle weighs more then fat

Biggest myth of all is “muscle weighs more then fat”

You hear this from people and if they question this statement they will realise it does not make any sense what’s so ever. Here is why so please read on.

You put a pound of muscle and fat side by side it will weigh the same. A pound is the same but it differs in density. You put 5 pounds of muscle and fat side by side fat will take up more volume and space.

People who put on weight by exercising think majority of it is muscle but you can put 2 pounds of fat in a week but it takes a year to put on 5 pounds of muscle.

It is common for people who loose weight to gain muscle and not see much of there weight drop off. This is were scales are not important and people should pay more attention how there look and how the clothes are fitting.

• It’s about volume but the average person will always have more fat then muscle.

• When improving intensity of workout the muscle temporally retains water. • You have to be in a hypertrophy workout to see any difference at all on the scale which means:-

  1.  Exercise high intensity, nutrition spot on and to be anabolic.
  2. Body fat percentage needs to be below 12% to see any difference. Average person is 30%.

• The only time you need to worry about weight loss plateaus is when everything is spot on. Biggest excuse, people fail to realise it can be poor nutrition.

• You can’t build much muscle at all on a caloric deficit because your doing complete opposite which is atrophy.

• Man can build up to 5ibs plus muscle in a year. Women can only build half of that.

• This is why scales are useless because water and glycogen levels fluctuate dramatically.

• The best way is through photos, and waist to hip measurements.

So next time you think your weight is staying the same due to increase muscle mass make sure you also make body measurements because allot of it may just be fluctuation in water.


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