Workload and Job Enlargement

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Increase workload or job enlargement may have an impact on job satisfaction, salary and staff turnover. Increase workload maybe welcomed by strategic or even operational level depending on job satisfaction. If not then you will be working solely for the pay. This will mean you will always put limit on your abilities and if your pay is not reflected on your workload then it will be on going task for management to motivate and manage staff. When this happens it becomes true test to see whether manager posses good leadership skills. Allot of times managers may take short cuts by strong management or worser still manipulation. Managers may make staff feel like they are letting the business down and that they need to treat it like their own business. In result employees may start to feel guilty.

In many low pay corporate companies you always tend to have two types of employees under management level. The first is driven by money and autonomy. The second is driven by position or power so increase in workload may favor the second as they may feel doing more and multi tasking will help them to achieve their long-term goal. In an ideal world people should first be looking for a job you enjoy then the money will come. Increase workload will then not feel like extra work. It is then you have reached highest point of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Obviously we don’t live in an ideal world so due to economy people who graduate from University and do not end up getting the job they originally hoped for. You then stuck with either salary rank or opportunities to progress in an organization. In addition if organization does not pay well then you are left with increase workload and organization know the struggle for employees to find work in present economy. This results with workers being over stressed, over worked and under paid. Anyway I’m digressing here, to get back to the subject of job enlargement and workload lets explain how this is being carried out in the work place.

Job enrichment

Your strengths are identified and used to the best of its ability. Job enrichment benefits the worker and the business. It will support you to move to areas of interest and skills to progress in an organization. Courses are presented for you to move to the next level.

Job Enlargement

New duties are introduced to meet the business demands. They may be presented as something positive at first but they have no or little rewards. The main objective of this is to increase responsibility with in the same role. Beware because some organization may pretend they are offering you job enrichment but instead you end with job enlargement. The best is to look at your organization and ask your self whether it’s fulfilling your needs. People who tend to taken a heavier workload tend to work excessive hours affecting their work life balance. What one employee gets from organization maybe different to another employee? Ensure your directing yourself towards your goals whether its promotion, financial or even better a career you enjoy doing.



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